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 Britain's Got Talent 2011

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PostSubject: Britain's Got Talent 2011   Britain's Got Talent 2011 Icon_minitimeMon Apr 18, 2011 3:56 pm

Just got through watching some of the auditions of BGT on YouTube. Since everyone has an opinion, here is mine:

GAY & ALAN - These two actually take the handbells to a different level, but I just don't see them winning. I honestly don't think I could sit through an hour concert featuring the handbells. Talented but won't win.

MICHAEL COLLINGS - This guy is a much better guitar player than a singer. He did connect with his song though (Tracy Chapman's Fast Car... I'm not a big fan of Chapman's music btw... sorry.) and as long as he keeps the guitar pieces interesting, he should go far.

ANTONIO POPEYE - Mesmerizing! It's rare to see someone's eyeballs popping out of their head, but he hasn't got a chance. It was kinda hard not to watch though. lol.

STEVEN HALL - Old geezer (like myself) who was definitely entertaining. However, I think he's already maxed out. Unless he's got something different to offer, he won't go far. I did love the Stavros Flatley thing at the end. Awesome!

BLAIR CHRISTIE - "I'm a dolphin." Hahahahaha! No way!

DONELDA GUY - Has two very talented dogs but some of the previous dog acts were actually better. She'll stay for a little while but won't win.

DAVID KNIGHT - 9 year old comedian who does a pretty good job for his age, but won't win. However, he will advance just for the fact that he's that young and people will vote for him just because he is 9 years old.

MARY SUMAH-KEH - Two chords on the harmonica and a cheesy dance? Not a chance!

Anyway, those are my opinions. It boggles my mind to see David Hasselhoff judging talent when he has so little of it himself. lol. Again, just my opinion. Very Happy
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Britain's Got Talent 2011
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