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 SD Pop Academy

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PostSubject: SD Pop Academy   SD Pop Academy Icon_minitimeTue Oct 04, 2011 4:04 am

Congratulations to Sarah & Sean on their latest project - SD Pop Academy. Not only is it nurturing childrens' talents in a bully-free environment, it is also a tool for building childrens' self esteem. A truly noble effort. When there are so many negatives in the world, this will prove to be a source of positivity. WTG guys!

If it proves to be successful, perhaps Sarah & Sean could move the age bracket up a little. If this happens, I have a request. lol. They would have the perfect opportunity to get a large group together and teach them a dance routine. Once learned, they could arrange a "flash mob" in a public venue such as a shopping mall, airport, etc. The concept of a flash mob seems to be tailor-made for SD's talent & music.

If you don't know what a flash mob is, here is a perfect example of one. In fact, I believe they used Sarah's voice singing "Shout" right at the beginning of this one. Check it out: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Very Happy
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SD Pop Academy
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